I started taking the ImmuCell® Kolla2®, Collagen-HA and I can now sleep on my hip. I went off of the product for a week and again the pain was back. I know it’s the product. No other product we have does that!

Pam, Customer
Poway, CA

I started taking ImmuCell® Kolla2® and Super Collagen+C™ when my arm was in total pain because of a ligament strain. After taking the Collagen products the pain was gone. It’s got to be the Collagen! I can’t believe how many people buy the product in our store.™

Greg, Customer
Costa Mesa, CA

I had back pain that would not go away no matter what I took. After taking the Collagen I & III for 4 weeks it was gone. I have been taking it a year now.

Barbara, Customer
San Diego, CA

I have had arthritis in my right hand for over three years and have had to have cortisone injections during that time to relieve the pain and allow joint movement. The pain would subside, but not entirely disappear. Last May, my thumb was twisted back and the pain was excruciating. My Doctor prescribed Relafen, but it did not help. The beginning of January, I began taking Kolla2® ImmuCell®. Within four weeks of taking the capsules, the pain was gone.

Faith, Customer
Customer Yucca Valley, CA

I'm writing to thank you for your product, Super Collagen+C™. I've been struggling with Fibromyalgia since 1990 and have taken numerous products. However, at this point in time I have to say that this has worked continuously better than anything I've used. I hate not being able to exercise, and after 3 or 4 months on this product I am able to exercise regularly and do more than I have been in a long time. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Mona, Customer
Searcy, Arkansas

I just had to write to tell you that your Super Collagen™ supplements are fabulous. Since using them, my skin has taken on a beautiful glow. Back in 1993 I was diagnosed with having a collagen breakdown. Your Super Collagen™ products work great for this ailment. I love your Super Collagen™products so much that I will continue to use these wonderful, gifted products for many years to come and will certainly spread the good news to others. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Valerie, Customer
Augusta, GA

A few weeks ago I traumatized my knees and could barely walk. Only a couple of days on ImmuCell® Kolla2® and I began to feel noticeable relief.

Bob, Customer
Auburn, California

I have been taking Super Collagen+C type I & III for some time now and they have really helped my hair loss. I have tried other brands, but they are no good.

Verlys, Customer
Elizabeth, IL

I am affected by a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Briefly, this means that I (and several others) lack the chromosomal markers that allow the body to produce collagen. This is the first product (Super Collagen+C™) that actually makes a difference in problems affected by this.

Sharon, Customer
Cheboygan, Michigan

I have taken ImmuCell® Kolla2® for two months, with dramatically wonderful results. I've been out for three weeks and my knee has been very painful. As Kolla2® really helped the pain of my arthritis I'm hoping to receive two more bottles of ImmuCell® A.S.A.P.!

Mary, Customer
Peabody, Massachusetts

Besides placing my order I just wanted to write and let you know that I give you a standing ovation on putting out such great products. The only one that I have been using since 1988 is the Super Collagen Powder and I haven't stopped using it. I'm very satisfied with the product. I have recommended your product to many people.

Elaine, Customer
Sherman Oaks, California

Please send my Collagen tablets ASAP because my mother misses the Collagen tabs very much, her hair is already thicker and her nails are stronger even though she is 80 years old.

Inge, Customer
Sidney, Nebraska

I have been taking Collagen+C™ for approximately a week and a half and have noticed a difference in my fingers, and seem to have more movement in my wrist area.

G.M., Customer
Orange, California

I have been using Collagen+C™ Supplements. I find that after running long distances my tendons in my legs become quite painful and I even have to give up running, but when taking Collagen+C™ the pain and tightness disappears completely.

Edward, Customer
Chicago, Illinois

I can't tell you how pleased I am with the results I'm having with your Super Collagen. For one thing I was about to give up on my nails. Now they are already getting stronger, and no more hang nails!

Margie, Customer
San Marcos, California

I have used your product for 7+ years and attribute it to helping me to be able to walk, travel, and live a full life. I am not 100% problem free but so much improved that I am a customer and referral source for ImmuCell® from Kolla2®.

Janice, R.N., M.S., Customer
Buffalo, New York

In January 2003 I went off "my" Celebrex - which I was taking for severe osteoarthritis - because it was impeding the healing of a stress fracture in my tibia. I very shortly thereafter started ImmuCell-Kolla2®. Within six weeks I was experiencing far less pain - and was thrilled. At three months I ran out of ImmuCell-Kolla2® and unintentionally went approximately two months without them. My pain came back horribly. In June I started again but at that time also added Super Collagen+C Type 1&3 to my regime. I feel so much better - not cured - but the pretty significant pain has been noticeably reduced. I have no intention of going off these supplements for some time!! Thank you for a terrific product: a testimonial for both ImmuCell-Kolla2® and Super Collagen 1&3!!!

Mary, Customer
New Lebanon, New York

While working last year in construction I injured my back. This was causing pain and affected my martial arts and weight training, even made it hard to sleep sometimes. After trying numerous things, Super Collagen+C™ is the only thing that has helped with the pain to put me back at full speed in the gym.

Muhannad, Customer
Houston, TX

I have been very pleased in the past by the fact that Super Collagen™ has really worked for my skin and muscle strength. I have had co-workers comment on the difference in my skin and wrinkles while taking it. Thank you so much for your product.

Elouise, Customer
Santa Ana, CA

I have been living with chronic pain for 3 years, after taking a fall…Having tendonitis in both feet, and arthritis in my ankles and lower back, not to forget my degenerative disc disease. Now surrendering to the aid of a cane at the age of 49 years old I continued to look for a miracle. I called the nearest nutritional store…the next day he introduced me to ImmuCell® with Kolla2®. No longer was I waking up with screaming pain and crawling to the medicine cabinet for my painkillers. I’ve continued to use this product and introduce it to my friends, and my doctor. Thanks!

Marsha, Customer
Seattle, WA 98125