The Original Chi (chee as in cheese) Machine - Testimonials of Doctors

Mini-Miracle - Shoulder Restored to Full Motion!

Dr. J. Hinwood, husband of Judy, who is also a Chiropractor, was blown off the roof of their Gulf coast home during some cyclonic weather. His spine and left shoulder were fractured during the fall and it totally tore everything in the shoulder. He had extensive care from some of the best professions, also extensive massage and acupuncture. About 80% of the motion in that shoulder came back, but he was still suffering pain if he moved it beyond that motion. He knew that 80% is considered to be the top level of rehabilitation and felt it probably would never improve beyond that.

He used the Chi Machine for two weeks, beginning with five minutes the first week and moving on to ten minutes the second week. At first it was necessary to put pillows underneath his arm as it would not move down, but gradually the pillows could be removed and his arm actually laid flat on the floor! He later realized he could move his left arm to full motion! He instantly realized there was something magic happening way beyond what he thought was just a little machine that gave the body a relaxing massage.

- Dr. J. Hinwood, DC, Australia

Increased Oxygen aids Fibromyalgia

I have studied the effects of oxygen therapies for several years and have had reservations with some of the forms of application in expense, side effects, and access for most patients. The Chi Machine eliminates the restrictions of high expense, most toxic side effects, and access to the procedure by allowing affordable purchase. It provides a daily conditioning of the respiratory system, resulting in increased oxygen intake by the blood and utilization by the tissues. It is helpful for most musculo-skeletal conditions, respiratory conditions, and infections. Any disease condition that responds favorably to increased oxygen in the tissues-including cancer, fibromyalgia, etc. will be aided with this machine.

- Dr. R. Groves, DD,THD,ND

Abnormal Cells Have Different Frequency

Normal tissue has a certain frequency, a certain oscillation in your body. Every atom in our body has a certain oscillation and when they are in a normal state they are in between 8 to 15 hertz which is the same rhythm almost as the alpha state. The alpha state is 7 to 12, so the Chi Machine actually helps your body get into a better state and can help you with many things. I think it will be shown eventually that it will be a big help to lowering cancer tumors. It has not been proven yet, but I am working on it.

- Dr, S. Werner, MD, PC - April 1999

Testimonial Letter Dr. C. Samuel West DN, ND. Chemist & Lymphologist

A man by the name of Alexis Carrell who is an award recipient of at least one Nobel peace prize, knew a lot about cell food, cell waste, and the fluid that cells live in. For 29 years he managed to sustain the life of heart tissue from a chicken embryo by immersing it in a solution containing all the nutrients necessary for life and changing this fluid on a daily basis. This meant that from a cell point of view, the garbage was taken out and the groceries were brought in. 29 years was long enough to convince Dr. Carrell it could be kept alive indefinitely.

Once they finally got tired of tending to the tissue, one of his assistants neglected to tend to it; and the fluid around the cells, called the lymphatic fluid, became polluted and deficient of nutrients and so the chicken heart tissue finally expired.

The thought that cells could live forever may be to many, an emotional subject, and may even cut into their religious views, yet there are many scientists today who believe it is so. Once we understand that there is nothing about a cell, which cannot be replaced, or regenerated, this makes sense.

My purpose for writing this letter is to bless as many lives as possible by raising their consciousness concerning how they can keep the Lymph fluid that cells live in pure and renewed with nutrients.

In 1976, I dedicated my entire life to enlighten the earth on this subject. I became the first person in the entire world to lecture publicly on the lymphatic vessels that parallel all blood vessels. As well as the important role they play in keeping the lymph fluid pure and renewed with nutrients so the body can remain free of pain, loss of energy and disease as long as we live.

This life-saving research came to my attention in 1974. Mr. Chase, the biology teacher across the hall learned that I was doing medical research, and he put the 1961 2nd edition of the Textbook of Medical Physiology by Dr. Arthur C. Guyton in my hands. Here I learned about some medical research that is not yet being taught in any college, university or medical school in the United States.

I learned that if the lymphatic vessels in our body worked properly, the lymph fluid that our cells live in would remain pure, and the cells would be able to receive the minerals, nutrients and oxygen that they need to be healthy. In that condition, our bodies would remain free of pain, loss of energy and disease as long as we live. There would be no pre-mature death, and the body could heal so fast that it is almost impossible to believe.

With this knowledge, I put my hand on a hot stove accidentally. I had blisters on my fingers. With the knowledge of knowing how to activate the lymphatic vessels in my hand, in minutes the pain was gone; and in six hours I had a brand new hand. This research reveals how to do "SPEED HEALING".

Dorothy Howard had polio from the time she was ten months old until she was sixty-five. At sixty-five years of age, she came to one of my lectures and learned how to activate her lymphatic vessels. In four months, she was standing four inches taller, the pain was out of her back, and she was moving her toes.

Joy Bishop fell on her hand and broke her finger. With the knowledge of this research, she had the bones set in five hours and healed in eight. No other healing art on earth can duplicate what people can do with this knowledge.

An eleven-month baby boy in Pennsylvania fell into a septic tank. It took about ten minutes to find him. He came out of the hospital after several weeks blind and permanently brain damaged. With this knowledge, the family had the eyesight back and no brain damage in five days.

This life-saving research revealed that blood proteins leave the blood stream, and if they are not removed by the lymphatic vessels, the lymph fluid that those cells live in will become corrupt, and this could cause our death "in about twenty-four hours". And it could happen "in just a few hours".

Later I learned what causes blood proteins to leave the blood stream faster than lymphatic vessels are able to remove them which revealed the cause of pain, loss of energy and every disease on earth.

What brings blood proteins out of the blood stream to alter the lymph fluid that cells live in is man made tea, coffee, liquor (beer), and drugs along with too much salt, sugar (table sugar, candy, cakes, and ice cream) carbonated drinks (pop), and too much meat. Other killers are anger, loss of temper, holding grudges, resentment along with all of the other stress factors. And to get enough oxygen to the cells to keep the cells healthy, you can t be lazy. You must do something to cause you to breathe deeply several times a day.

When the lymph fluid that cells live in becomes altered, the result is pain, loss of energy, disease, and pre-mature death by disease.

I discovered that every "healing art" that works has the ability to activate the lymphatic vessels which pulls the blood proteins, the excess water along with the dead cells and poisons to keep the lymph fluid that cells live in pure. Understanding what brings the blood proteins out of the blood stream, and the role of the lymphatic vessels is what turns a healing art into a true healing science.

To put it in as few words as possible: All of this research is taught in our "Applied Lymph ology Course," and this new science is called "The Art of Lymphasizing."

"The Art of Lymphasizing" involves deep breathing, bouncing, stroking, and a variety of energy healing techniques. This complete science along with the healing techniques are taught by the use of video tapes and audio tapes and are used for the immediate speed-healing of injuries or for tipping the scales in favor of regeneration in the case of many diseases.

Bouncing up and down on what I call a "Lymphasizer" is one of the most effective ways to combine deep breathing, bouncing, stroking and the other energy healing techniques into one exercise. Yet those who have needed it the most have had difficulty doing so.


What is so remarkable to me is the ability of the Chi Machine to activate the lymphatic vessels to purify the lymph fluid that cells live in, with little or no effort on the part of the patient. The most significant difference is the activation of the cerebral-spinal fluid, which is electrically charged. This electrically charged cerebral-spinal fluid has the ability to activate the lymphatic vessels throughout the entire body. This is an entirely unique benefit that is made possible by the Chi Machine!

As for myself my enthusiasm is not just academic. When I was just sixteen years of age, I was hit by a dump truck. The doctors wanted to amputate my left leg. They didn't even bother to reset the bones. However, thanks to my mother who had faith in the Lord, and me, I kept that leg. Yet, as one thing affects another over a period of 50 years, I developed a weak right hip.

About five years ago, this hip along with the muscles and ligaments that go down into the groin was injured in the process of taking heavy boxes off and on trains when I went to The World Congress of Natural Healing Arts in Germany.

I was having difficulty climbing a short stairway to my bedroom without pain. I knew in order to heal it I had to activate the lymphatic vessels, but as the injury involved the groin area, every time I walked up and down stairs, it seemed to re-injure the area.

I used the Chi Machine one night on the urging of my son Karl, and to my amazement I was able to climb the stairs without any pain for several days.

The Chi Machine activates lymphatics, of that I have no doubt. I am also excited by the ability of the Chi Machine to activate and renew the cerebral-spinal fluids to help healing throughout the body.

-Dr. C. Samuel West Founder of I.A.L.