NEEDAK Manufacturing makes the most durable rebounder or mini trampoline on the market today. Rebounding is an exercise that reduces body fat; firms legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips; increases agility; improves sense of balance; strengthens muscles over all; provides an aerobic effect for the heart; rejuvenates the body when it's tired, and generally puts one in a state of health and fitness. Rebound on a Needak rebounder with the soft bounce springs to get a great, fun workout. NEEDAK rebounders or mini trampolines fold for easy storage.

Tony Robbins, international lecturer, advisor to world leaders, and author of Unlimited Power calls rebounding "one of the best all-weather aerobic exercises," points out that it "strengthens every organ in the body," and suggests that readers "please take the time to pursue this life-enhancing form of exercise."

Rebounding for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr. Paul Cheney, one of the pioneering doctors in the discovery, research, and treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, recommends rebounding as the best form of exercise for his CFS patients. He believes, along with many other physicians treating this ailment, that aerobic exercise is counter-productive until the patient has recovered, and then only progressive aerobic exercise should be undertaken.

He compares the weakness of regulation autonomic tone and the autonomic nervous system of chronic fatigue sufferers to that of astronauts returning to earth from orbit. They have lost their autonomic nervous system capacity to stand up in a gravitational field and are removed from the capsule vertically. NASA resolved the problem of balancing the autonomic nervous system by bouncing them. The same regulation of autonomic tone and balancing of the autonomic nervous system can be achieved with the non-weight bearing, gentle exercise of rebounding.

Dr. Majit Ali, author of The Canary and Chronic Fatigue, also recommends rebounding for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers.


"I was recently diagnosed with MS. I changed my diet and exercise with the rebounder one to three times a day. I have lost 15 pounds and everyone says I look so healthy. I feel that the rebounder has given me strength. I have my 66-year-old mom using it, and I even have my one-year-old daughter on it. She loves it!"

L.D., T.V. writer/Producer, Amity Harbor, NY

"I keep my rebounder at the foot of my bed and use it daily."

Bob Hope

"I was a runner, weight trainer, yoga practitioner, and very busy businesswoman until I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome years ago and was bedridden with it for some time. CFS patients have significantly different fluidity and fatty acid composition in muscle membranes and also often suffer from fibromyalgia which makes it difficult to exercise; even if they can, they must do so with caution so as not to exacerbate their condition. The Needak rebounder is my salvation. It energizes me while relaxing me, strengthens my body, and makes me feel like a normal person

M.G., Registered Nutritional Consultant/writer, Vancouver, B.C.

"We have had the Needak Softbounce for about two weeks or so. My wife's pain in her hips and arms has completely disappeared."

A.L. Cave Junction, OR

"To jump for health, rebounding devices that exhibit all of these features of excellence I've been describing are the NEEDAK rebounders. They meet all of these specifications for the ideal rebounding device."

Dr. Morton Walker, author of Jumping for Health

* "The NEEDAK Softbounce is the standard of rebounders! Well made, comfortable and practically indestructible, it is the only rebounder I recommend in my books' exercise sections."

Marie Miczak, D.Sc., Ph.D., author of How Not to Kill Yourself with Deadly Interactions and Age Reversal for Mind & Body.